Another Year…

First of all, apparently the site was experiencing some problems where the front page was blank. As admin, I never had this problem, so I was unaware of the issue. We did some tweaking on the backend and switched to a different theme. Hopefully it is fixed now; I apologize for any inconvenience.

Back in April 2014, I posted a message stating that I planned to reopen a scaled-back version of the site. My health took a serious downturn shortly after and I’ve spent the last year struggling to dig out of a medical hole steeped in clinical depression. I have received both emails and messages from people asking if the site will be back. It will, just much later than planned. However, hopefully at this point in time, sooner than later. I am better now — not totally well, but in a position to tackle this again, soon. We are setting up a mailing list so you can get notification when the site is open again. The sign-up link is in the bottom right corner.

Again, it staggers me that after all of these years people still are interested in the site. While it will never be as it was in its heyday, I’m eager to see it come back in some form.

~ Mirz


Back in 2012, I posted a message that was on a semi-permanent hiatus. Even though I have not updated content regularly since 2010, the site still gets quite a few visits a month, and I still receive emails from people thanking me for the resource (and asking if I ever plan to re-open the site). While I don’t plan to restart it as it was before, I am working on a small re-boot. The interface of the site is quite outdated and does not work on tablets and phones. There are also some articles and information which are sorely out-of-date that I’d like to either update or remove. So, our goal is to give the site a visual and functional overhaul, and tidy things up a bit. The vast majority of the articles will remain in-tact, and information like recipes and such will be converted to a format which will be more easily accessible. In addition, while I can’t promise anything big, I also have an idea for a new LOK blog and perhaps some small articles. Though, I don’t believe the site will ever be up to the level it was in its heyday, my hope is that there will be a few new nuggets which will help brighten things a bit.  I guess, as they say, something is better than nothing.

As for the forums, they have been very slow for quite some time. They will be closed during this re-build (which we expect will take two to three months). We’re not sure if they will re-open with the site or not. If you have any thoughts on the subject, I ask that you visit our News & Contact page and leave a comment.  That page will remain open during this downtime so that members can get information on the status of the re-build, as well as provide a place for members to find other members.

When I started Lotsofkids back in the early 2000s, I never thought I’d still be here 15 years later. I want to thank everyone who has supported the site over the years. It’s amazing and it truly touches me.